Premier League Legends

Peter Schmeichel:

Sol Campbell:

Campbell Premier League Legends

Matthew Le Tissier:

Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes:

Giggs Scholes Premier League Legends

Alan Shearer:

Dennis Bergkamp:

Bergkamp Premier League Legends


17 Responses to Premier League Legends

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  2. Nacho says:

    Schmeichel was from another planet. Simply the best. I thinkg save at 6.40 was selected once by FIFA (i think) as the best save of the decade.

    Berckamp made one of the coolest goals ever (you might know what i’m talking about before opening the link):

    But, what about candidates? shall we talk of Steve G in some years, Lampard? Rooney will stay in the Islands?

  3. ben says:

    perhaps Zola as another

  4. Dave says:


  5. manu says:

    ryan giggs is cleary the greatest player of all time, in the next future there will never be another player that can top giggs 33 medals

  6. Dan says:

    Best Premier League Squad:
    G.Neville T.Adams J.Stam D.Irwin

    D.Beckham P.Scholes R.Keane R.Giggs

    T.Henry D. Bergkamp

    R.Van Nistelrooy

  7. sighatunitedfanaboveme says:

    All-time Premier League XI? This is mine based on what I have seen. Shearer may have scored 1, 672, 466, 957 goals but Zola and Henry made me orgasm. Roy Keane = overrated much? Vieira >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Keane.

    P. Schmeichel

    G. Neville T. Adams (c) J. Terry A. Cole

    P. Vieira F. Lampard

    C. Ronaldo R. Giggs
    G. Zola T. Henry

  8. jack says:

    I am chelsea til I die but no-one will ever top giggs!

    But I do like gianfranco zola and thierry henry!

  9. SaintsFc29 says:

    Sir Matt Le Tissier. absolute legend, freekicks like no other!! penalties.. 47 out of 48.. and those long shots!!! THIS man’s long shots.. simply brilliant, he could choose to be goal of the season whenever he wanted!!! from an ever so slightly biased saints fan :0). Seriously though, who’s this Ronaldo? Go to the lad from Guernsey for a real eye-opener. think i’m exaggerrating? here ya go: thank me later just after ye wipe the c*m stain off your pants :P

  10. SaintsFc29 says:

    Schmeichel the best? He like many other keepers could not keep Le God out! youtube it, Le Tissier lobs Schmeichel.

  11. elong says:

    drogba is the king of premier ligue

  12. Miten Davda says:

    For those who say that Keane is overrated, I have a friend who is a die-hard Arsenal supporter and he always told me that when MUFC played Arsenal, Keano was the man he feared would make the difference..always. I agree, wholeheartedly. Our best captain in the last 20 years.

  13. ben williams says:

    Only one mention of Cantona? wow
    As an arsenal fan TH and Adams will always make my list. C Ron would get in to any team. Always been impressed with Drogba. Id chose Gerrard over Lampard, but Vierra and Keane over both of them for the central possitions. P. Schmeichel is the best keeper ive ever seen.
    Although A Cole is a good left back recent seasons of fantasy football make me point to Baines as one of the best. He seems to consistantly top the charts for chances created etc even if Everton dont have the best of defenses.
    Beckham on the right. May be Vidic at the back with adams although Kompany is making a case for himself these last few seasons.
    not sure about right back though.

  14. abraham ekal says:

    CR7 is a legend in premier league . what does it take to be a legend?

  15. Junior Ng says:

    Henry the in Premier League on this last ten years… Messi the best in the World!!!

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