Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United?

Ronaldi Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo could return to the Premier League

It’s highly unlikely, but it’s still worth a mention. After all, Cristiano Ronaldo had a two-year spell as the greatest Fantasy Premier League asset of all time. We’ve since put him in our rearview mirror and focused on a certain RVP, but could Ronaldo return to the Premier League, and to Old Trafford?

Speculation is mounting. Ronaldo took to Twitter to tell his 18 million followers that he has not signed a new deal with Real Madrid. Are Manchester United and Monaco circling?

If Ronaldo re-joins Manchester United, we’ll have the football transfer story of 2013, and our pre-season Fantasy Premier League frenzied excitement will reach an all-time high.

It’s silly season and transfer speculation only for now. But when there’s smoke, there’s often fire…

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6 Responses to Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United?

  1. lamin keita says:

    i really want cristiano to return back to man utd

  2. maxrene says:

    I hope Cristiano Ronaldo goes back to Manutd.

  3. maxrene says:

    I hope Cristiano Ronaldo Comes back to Manutd.

  4. Menget Paul says:

    Really, i want Ronaldo to come back to Manchester united.

  5. Paul umo says:

    I need Ronaldo back to manchester united

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