Robin van Persie off to Qatar; Now Injury Free

RVP Bugs Bunny Robin van Persie off to Qatar; Now Injury Free

RVP and Buttner on the way to Qatar

Robin van Persie has now played in an amazing 71 straight Premier League games.

Yes, you read that correctly. The formerly injury prone, horse placenta hamstring massage recipient credits this run of consecutive games played to a positional switch, and he’s spot on. At Arsenal – RVP operated as a #10 – exerting energy to create attacks, set up his teammates, and make deep runs a la Luis Suarez did on Saturday against Norwich. All-action performances like that require more stamina and more running, and thus, put more strain on the body. Now, RVP is operating as an out and out #9 striker, and he has played 28 of Manchester United’s 33 games this season.

After 8 injury plagued years at Arsenal, the world class Van Persie can finally avoid the tough tackling defensive midfielders you encounter when playing as a #10 and focus on creating space for himself in the penalty area – and the tweak has paid off dividends – for Manchester United and Fantasy Premier League managers alike.

You won’t win your mini-league this year without Van Persie, that’s for certain, but somehow he is just selected by 44% of fantasy managers. 56% are taking an awfully big risk, then, continuing without the Dutch legend, but to each their own.

4 years ago – on this website – we claimed “RVP is the next Ronaldo.” Many mocked us and brought up RVP’s injury prone nature – but his class has come through – and he’s beat the injury bug and never looked back. He is truly world class.

As for the Bugs Bunny pajamas on the way to Qatar? Not sure we could classify those as “world class” too.

Good luck to all fantasy managers.

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5 Responses to Robin van Persie off to Qatar; Now Injury Free

  1. Padraig McKeon says:

    That’s an angle but looking at the Tottenham game yesterday RVP was tracking back and defending his own box on numerous occasions?

  2. OttawaMatt says:

    As an Arsenal fan, I agree that he is more of a #9 at Utd than he was at Arsenal, but I would certainly argue that the large majority of his injuries were sustained while on international duty. It always gave me a chill to see him in Orange, because more often than not, he was a collapsed heap on the pitch.

  3. muurr says:

    RVP was operating as an out and out striker in his final two seasons at Arsenal, hence not getting injured in his last season and a half there either (he came back from a long injury mid season in 2010-11 and was fine after that).
    Get your facts straight.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Arsenal always have loads of injured players at any given time, 2nd in the league at the moment according to the table on my right, and certain ‘injury prone’ players that have left have not had so many injuries. Its something to do with Arsenal’s fitness regime. Been saying this for years.

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