Funny Feeling Friday: Gaston Ramirez

Ramirez Funny Feeling Friday: Gaston Ramirez

The 21 year old starred for the Uruguay Olympic Team

Here’s a player who has scored just 15 points this season in the official Fantasy Premier League game. Yup, just 15. Everton’s defensive minded Phil Neville has scored more points. We’re on gameweek 11 here, folks…

But that said, we still have faith in our selection this week. It’s Southampton’s record summer signing Gaston Ramirez. Ramirez is only owned by 0.2% of fantasy managers and hasn’t scored since September, but he’s fully fit again after a nagging injury that saw him sidelined the entire month of October, and he will be central to Southampton’s relegation battle.

The Uruguyan will need to adapt to the pace of the Premier League if Southampton have any chance of staying up, and the next 4 matches will be crucial to the club’s ultimate success: three out of four are at home – Swansea, QPR, Newcastle, and Norwich are the four opponents – so there are potentially plenty of points available for the taking.

Ramirez scored 8 goals last season for Bologna, and at just 21 years of age, he still has room to grow. He’s priced at an affordable though certainly not bargain basement price of just 6m, and managers who are looking to plan for the medium term could do much worse than take a one-month punt on the Uruguayan youngster. Southampton’s aforementioned fixtures are solid, if not spectacular, for the entire month of November.

Best of all, Ramirez has looked good “in real life,” when we’ve scouted Southampton matches. He’s so comfortable on the ball, his first touch is sublime, and he’s not afraid to get physical either. No wonder Inter Milan and Liverpool were both interested in him this past summer.

He’s yet to light up the fantasy scoring charts, however – he has just 1 league goal, in a 3-1 loss against Everton in September, and he has zero bonus points. But I think that’s about to change soon.

A win or draw for Southampton this weekend against Swansea or next weekend at QPR will surely see Ramirez involved and in and amongst the points.

If you own him, you’ll be one of the few, the proud, the 0.2%.

There you have it. It’s Gaston Ramirez. He has the first name of the main antagonist in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – a guy who spends most of his time fighting, drinking, and hunting. What could possibly go wrong?

Good luck to all fantasy managers this weekend.

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6 Responses to Funny Feeling Friday: Gaston Ramirez

  1. Fungus everywhere says:

    “Here’s a player who has scored just 15 points this season in the official Fantasy Premier League game. Yup, just 15. Everton’s defensive minded Phil Neville has scored more points. We’re on gameweek 11 here, folks…”

    Erm, just 15 points? Ramirez has played 3 and a half games not 10.

    • garythain says:

      Fungus, dude, stop trolling. I think it’s weird how many people rely on this post in FF blogs and yet there’s usually only one or two negative replies posted here.

      • Saint234 says:

        I don’t think you really know what a troll is. Fungus was only pointing out the obvious. Ramirez hasn’t played much for us this season and was injured for about 6 weeks before playing at the Hawthorns. This whole article is based on FF. Very poor.

  2. Fungus everywhere says:

    i ain’t a troll. i know the fatcs. this site sometimes doesn’t. nuff said.

  3. Nick says:

    FFF wasn’t completely wrong, 16 points in 3 games since this prediction. That’s up there with Bale, Fellaini, Hazard, Michu and Cazorla. Considerably cheaper though, that’s the point right?

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