Rooney vs Van Persie: Who is Better?

ROOOOOOOO Rooney vs Van Persie: Who is Better?

I was all prepared to preview the Champions League this morning or perhaps review some of the Premier League’s brilliant performers from the past weekend (Sturridge, Luiz, Odemwingie, etc.) but instead I can’t stop thinking about Robin van Persie’s delightful first touch displayed throughout Arsenal’s 3-1 win yesterday at Blackpool.

So, without further ado, it’s a potentially controversial (though in my opinion, not at all) quick post on who is better: England’s best player – the face of football in that country – Wayne Rooney OR Arsenal’s Dutch master, the oft injured Robin van Persie. Now I’m not calling this column the “Premier League’s best striker” – I know Tevez and Berbatov are at the top of the scoring charts, and I don’t want to make this a four or five (Drogba) horse race, but it is what it is – Rooney vs RVP, so let’s take a look…

The case for Rooney: Only two months ago he treated us with perhaps the greatest goal of his career. The “shinner” overhead kick in the Manchester Derby at Old Trafford. What a hit. What a finish. He’s a god, right? (Take out the fact that Vincent Kompany had shackled Rooney all game and Wayne had been unproductive and that moment of sheer brilliance, that world class strike, is diluted a bit in the larger picture).

Let’s not examine off-the-field incidents. Swearing at cameras at the World Cup. Swearing at cameras at Upton Park. Alleged affairs with prostitutes. Let’s stick to the field only. Last year, Rooney was a beast. He was 24 years old, in a World Cup year, and he finished with 34 goals. 26 in the league. But despite the greatest statistical season of his career, Manchester United did not even win the league. Chelsea did. This season, Rooney has only 10 league goals but United look like they could run away with it…

101 goals in 211 for United. A superb success rate. And 26 in 70 for England but not many that really matter unless you go back to Euro 2004. Lots of goals in friendlies, and not the best scoring record in the world…

At 25 years of age, Rooney still has time to grow but he is certainly considered England’s best striker. Is he bettered by Arsenal’s Dutchman?

The case for RVP: Let me preface this by pointing you to a column I wrote 2+ years ago on RVP. I’m a bit biased here despite the fact that I’m not an Arsenal fan: “RvP is pure class. The best technique in the Premier League. A free kick that rivals Ronaldo’s. A stone cold penalty taker. Speed, power, and aerial ability. Whilst he remains “touch and go” this season from a fantasy perspective due to a congested fixture list that sees the Gunners still involved in the FA Cup and Champions League, he remains the best future fantasy option in the game, in my opinion.”

And that opinion hasn’t changed. RVP has two more league goals than Rooney this season having started four less games and suffering many more injuries. But that’s just the issue: unreliability. Too many injuries. “If he was fit,” is the introduction of all introduction to Van Persie’s case as a global star. Despite his obvious and well chronicled (horse placenta!) attempts at staying fit over the years, in my opinion RVP is a better striker than Rooney – England’s greatest.

He’s 27 years old – just 2 years older than Wazza – and whilst he has achieved much less success throughout his club career – the one place where Rooney holds a clear advantage – RVP did end up playing in a World Cup final last summer in South Africa and did win the Euro 2008 Bronze Boot – a tournament England didn’t even qualify for.

RVP started his career as a left winger but still has 60 goals in 149 for Arsenal and 21 in 54 for the Netherlands.

Continuing the Premier League’s finest tradition of producing superb Dutch strikers – Bergkamp, van Nistelrooy, and even Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Van Persie is the cream of the crop… When fit…

It all comes down to fitness. In seven seasons with Arsenal, RVP has NEVER played in 30+ league games. NEVER. When he does (will it be next year?) He’ll certainly be crowned the league’s best striker and he’ll easily score 17-20 goals. Until then, it’s what if for most.

But not for me. On technique and form when fit, I would pick RVP over Wayne Rooney any day. I’m sure Rooney will end up scoring more goals in his career. He’ll just stay fitter, and RVP’s legs after all are made of tissue paper, but when both are healthy it’s no contest for me.


Do you agree?


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26 Responses to Rooney vs Van Persie: Who is Better?

  1. KEITH KIELY says:


  2. mourinho junior says:

    damn right…i owned him since 2009 too..

  3. Wisy says:

    RVP is deadly when fit

  4. Brian Wilson says:

    Nope, since you said better player and not better striker I have to go with Rooney. fitness issues aside Rooney just gives you more, higher work rate, play him just about anywhere on the field, drop deep for the ball, alone up top, long range passing, better engine, and better big game presence. If I’m a defender Van Persie makes me nervous but a day guarding Rooney is likely to take a week to recover from. He may not wear the armband much but United is Rooneys team, don’t think you can say that about Van Persie. (to bad, Arsenal need it to be somebodies team)
    I’ll concede Van Persie has better technique and is more useful in the build up play though.

  5. christopher hooper says:

    As far as striker qualities go, I would say that RVP wins. However, I’d make the old cop-out comment that they are very different players. RVP is one of the classiest poachers in the game right now. But if you look at Rooney, he’s more than a striker. He’s playing as an attacking/box-to-box/wing midfielder with some seasoning of a striker within the mix.
    Specialized vs versatile here. But let’s face it. RVP will never get the accolades he deserves as a really top striker until he can have his team rely on him for a whole season (see Rooney, Drogba, Messi, Eto’o, etc.)

  6. alex c says:

    RvP has put up 101 total fantasy points since the start of Dec., Rooney has 95. The former also earns 1pt for every 10 minutes played to the latter’s 14 minutes. Also, you pay less for RvP.

    But the horse placenta complicates everything.

  7. Darragh says:

    Tough question. I’m an Arsenal fan but if I was a neutral manager, who would I rather in my team? I’d probably have to be inclined to Rooney, mainly because of fitness but also his versatility. He works very hard.

    RvP might convince me to change my mind if he can keep fit.

  8. Peacemaker-J says:

    Absolutely agree.
    RvP is a more all-rounded player, and he’s also much more irreplaceable than Rooney!

  9. Tom says:

    You have to take injuries into account when assessing the overall suitability of a player. Van Persie is clinical and deadly in front of goal, yet those injuries prevent him from being the best striker in the division and winning trophies with Arsenal.

    Rooney’s overrated and plays when he feels like playing. Far too temperamental, he needs to pack it in.

  10. lekzybaba says:

    Rvp is the most dangerous striker in the front,he always give defender problem and he has goal esp than Roondy.

  11. RVP is the best of two of them, because the amount of games he has plays and the amount of goals he has strik prove that hem is the best.

    • Jino says:

      as far as being a goal poaching go i’d go with RVP but if it comes down to better player rooney is way ahead of RVP. using goals per game is misleading as RVP record is better then Dennis Bergkamp but doesnt mean he is better then Dennis.

  12. RVP is the best of two of them, because the amount of games he has plays and the amount of goals he has strike prove that hem is the best.
    Rooney has been playing since the league started and RVP been out of action compare the amount of goal strikes.

  13. I think Wayne Rooney is the BEST……!!!

  14. big will from manchester says:

    Peacemaker-J total bullshit RVP is scum who thinks hes hard an krul will knock him out aswell as rooney as he looks like a stickman dutch cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. big john from glasgow says:

    ill give him a glasgow kiss. douche Peacemaker j is a fag who doesnt know what hes sayin big up to big will from manchester.

  16. Big mark from aberyswyth says:

    big up to big john in glasgow, and big will from manchester,……….. i agree, i think RVP is a litttle cunt, and id smash seven shades of shit outta him!!!! what does peacemaker j know? little fucking clown!!!!! suck on ma balls

  17. Big jack aka the aubranater from norwich says:

    big up to big john, big will and big mark rooneys my idol even though i support norwich as a neutral i think rvp cant finish his breakfast he mis hits every goal and theo wallcot is the best player at arsenal so fuck you peacemaker j you lanky shit ill smash your ed in come down to norwich you fuckin narna R.T.I.D (rooney till i die)

  18. Big liam from cornwall says:

    Fuck off peacemaker J you nazi rooney would make rvp shit sideways. the only peace you make is in a concentration camp. big up to big will, big john, big mark and big aubs. fucking gimp! FC UNITED for the premiership!

  19. I every one know that Rooney is a very fine player but from 2011/2012 Van Persie is the best. if u were to compare the type of players both team has u will see that ManU has better players as compare to Arsenal but Robin keep doing it for Arsenal.

  20. Big walkley from newcastle lovin the geordie shore why i says:

    Howay big will, big john, big mark, big liam, big jackaubs i think rooney is the third best player in the world RVP is a soft cunt who gets beat off his mama and sexually abused off tim krul. his team mates pass him the ball when there in good positions to score like gervinho in the first game this season so shut up peacemaker j you have shown the world you dont know out and RVP is not an all round player and your an all round twatt!! BOSH

  21. Big ben sitting in traflguar square says:

    hi im sitting here in trafalguar square with a cappucino a crumpet taking a break from the stock exchange. i think peacemaker j has the right to make a comment but peacemakerj IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE WHO HAS FANTASYS OF MAGRET THATCHER SO FUCK OFF PEACEMAKER J big up to ma biggies you seem like great chaps. P.S whats bosh big walkley?

  22. Big arthur in belfast rioting says:

    waasssuupp! RVP wouldnt last in the irish league he will be in A+E in a second the puff ill eat him for dinner but first lob a brick at his head mate! Big up to the biggies in the crewe

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  24. Uday says:

    before RVP came to Old Trafford Rooney was my favourite but now i think RVP is better than Rooney or anyone else except Cristiano Ronaldo

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