Fantasy Managers: Don’t Buy Manchester United Players

nani Fantasy Managers: Dont Buy Manchester United Players

Not the article title you’d expect to read from your favorite fantasy football bloggers. But, it’s true. (At least for this weekend).

Manchester United’s match at Blackpool may be postponed this weekend due to freezing weather. Blackpool is one of the only teams in the Premier League that does not have undersoil heating – so the pitch could be frozen and not thawed completely by the Saturday kickoff. It looked OK yesterday but has taken a turn for the worse today.

Fantasy managers with Nani, Berbatov, Rooney, and others will be left with their high priced assets on the bench this week – but will at least have a double gameweek sometime in the near future.

Will let you know any further developments.

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2 Responses to Fantasy Managers: Don’t Buy Manchester United Players

  1. TD Ocho says:

    Ooh double GW’s

  2. musiitwa saidi says:

    ooh triple

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