Chelsea vs Arsenal: Another Case of Men vs. Boys?

I’m pretty excited for Sunday’s Chelsea – Arsenal match even though two of the most influential players in this rivalry, Frank Lampard and Cesc Fabregas, will be missing due to injury.

That said, this fixture has swung in Chelsea’s favor the last few years as they’ve put out a “physical” side that scores from set pieces, and muscles their way through midfield (Essien, Mikel, etc.) forward to the bullying Didier Drogba to produce results…

But there is still something to be said for Arsenal’s “boys,” those youngsters who have the ball on a string, pass the ball with such great precision, and try to keep possession whether they are at home or on the road…

Here’s what Arsene Wenger had to say:

Wenger said: “What for you is physical strength? How can you explain Spain won the World Cup and Barcelona beat Chelsea in the Champions League? Football is not only down to physique. It’s down to intelligence, technique, mobility. There is not one way. That’s what makes it interesting.

“Did Drogba score last week? No, he didn’t. He played against Kolo Touré. When Kolo Touré played here you said Kolo Touré could not handle him. Suddenly when he moves to Manchester City he’s stronger.

“We can do it. I feel we should not make an obsession of one Chelsea player because they have a few players who can score goals against us. What is important is that we have the ball, that we dominate the game and that we are efficient defensively. Nothing is for ever [Chelsea winning]. So we can stop it.”

I’m not sure if Arsenal can beat Chelsea without Cesc Fabregas pulling the strings, but I’m excited to find out.

Have a great weekend to all and good luck to fantasy managers.

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2 Responses to Chelsea vs Arsenal: Another Case of Men vs. Boys?

  1. devils says:

    question which two are better:

    gerrard and a.young
    kuyt and malouda?

  2. Rivera says:

    it is Ibrahimovic’s birthday today

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