RvP the Next Ronaldo

With all the talk at Arsenal surrounding Eduardo’s feel-good two goals against Cardiff in his return to football after a year long absence with a horrific broken leg injury, one man seems to be slipping under the (fantasy) footballing radar a bit. Robin van Persie.

I’m no Gunner, but I am a huge admirer of RvP. As some of you recall, I predicted this would be the “Year of RvP” from a fantasy footballing perspective back in August 2008 – and gave the Dutchman the Captain’s Armband in my gameweek one lineup. And as some of you recall, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger rewarded my confidence in his striker by resting Van Persie on that opening day against WBA due to Champions League qualifying. Thanks, Arsene.

Wenger has notoriously rested and rotated van Persie thus limiting his fantasy premier league consistency and production in the past, but at just 25 years old, and with significant calf, foot, toe, and knee injuries presumably behind him – perhaps 2009 will be the year that RvP can finally break away from Wenger’s coddling.

This could be crazy, but I am going to say that if Wenger cuts him loose (this is a huge if) – that in 2009/2010 RvP will produce a season that will statistically rival Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2007/2008 Premier League campaign.

RvP is pure class. The best technique in the Premier League. A free kick that rivals Ronaldo’s. A stone cold penalty taker. Speed, power, and aerial ability. Whilst he remains “touch and go” this season from a fantasy perspective due to a congested fixture list that sees the Gunners still involved in the FA Cup and Champions League, he remains the best future fantasy option in the game, in my opinion.

We are in line for another statistical aberration in 2009-2010, I can just feel it. Without a true “Ronaldo” performer in this Premier League season, fantasy football managers have been left frustrated – high expectations, minimal returns… Ronaldo has given us a bit, Lampard and Gerrard too, but those are the usual suspects. We yearn for something out of the ordinary in 2009-2010 – something Ronaldo-esque – and I know the man for the job:

With a fully fit Fabregas back in the Arsenal fold next season, look to van Persie to break Wenger’s coddled shackles and give us the 225+ point fantasy season we crave from a Captain. Jot it down now. Call it a Monday evening hunch. Call it a baseless prediction. Call it what you want. But come gameweek one in August, regardless of opposition, I’m firmly affixing the Captain’s Armband on van Persie’s bicep once again.

Let’s just hope Arsene puts him on the pitch this time around.

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9 Responses to RvP the Next Ronaldo

  1. Ash says:

    When will it be the year of the Kalou?
    He’s got amazing output for the minutes he is played… he’s similarly out of position as Ronaldo is.
    I know it’s early to predict, but maybe 2013/14 :-)

    He’s an amazing dribbler, changes games, ghosts in, heading ability… and with Hiddink as coach, playing in a world class team with a world class manager. Just a thought…

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have rvp right now, i am hoping for cron liek numbers over the next few weeeks, not just next season!

  3. Silent Jay says:

    RvP screwed me in Week 1 as well. The end. Unless Wenger signs a written declaration that he’s starting him every game, I’ll place my faith in (and the armband on) someone else.

    A player who misses about 1/3 of all games (and has missed considerably more in the past) is not worth gambling on. Certainly not at a premium price.

    And, statistically, he hasn’t improved over the last 3 years. Slightly more bonus points, slightly less goals/assists.

    And he may score 225 points one of these years… maybe. But credit where credit is due – that’s still nowhere near CRon’s ridiculous 283 points from last season! (And even if he’d equal those 31 goals (which he won’t), he’d still have to make up 31 points elsewhere, since midfielders get an extra point per goal.)

    I don’t see him being any better value next season than he is now. Not unless Arsenal sell every other striker they have, and don’t bring in any new ones. And even then he’d just get injured again.

    PS: I don’t hate RvP or anything. But he’s the china in that shop with the elephant in it. Michael Owen is another one I’ve banned from my fantasy team for the same reason.

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  5. LOL says:

    You were right :)

  6. LOL says:

    Wow, were you right or what?

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