Jamaica’s Captain Gardner Worth an Out of Position Fantasy Premier League Punt?

3046474820 soccer barclays premier league bolton wanderers v manchester city reebok Jamaicas Captain Gardner Worth an Out of Position Fantasy Premier League Punt?He started his career at Bolton as a left winger (that explains the # 11 jersey), but was converted to left-back under former boss Sam Allardyce.

Why, oh why, did “Big Sam” employ the Jamaican speedster in his back four rather than galloping up and down the wings? It looks like we may have a new “Armand Traore,” for those Traore owners looking over your shoulders as Niko regains his fitness (and Portsmouth place).
Ricardo Gardner (4.3MM) featured as a left winger for Gary Megson’s Bolton on the weekend and caused headaches for Manchester City’s defense on the counter-attack.
Here at Never Captain Nicky Butt, we love “out of position” value plays. While Kompany’s tenure as an attractive bargain has run out, and Armand Traore’s value looks like it’s about to plummet, Gardner could offer an interesting, cheap option, if he continues playing in midfield.
Players like Traore and the currently 1% owned Gardner won’t win you a fantasy title, but they will offer decent returns at bargain prices and allow you to free up cash to spend elsewhere. Last year, Clinton Dempsey featured as Fulham’s main striker, but listed as a midfielder in the fantasy premier league game, he helped those owners who went for the bargain punt – at least for 2-3 months. 
Keep a close eye on the speedy Jamaican, this may just be his 2-3 month window to come up with a few assists here and there and the occasional home clean sheet.
If you own Garrido and/or Traore, you may now have another decently priced option should you choose to drop one or both of those selections.
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7 Responses to Jamaica’s Captain Gardner Worth an Out of Position Fantasy Premier League Punt?

  1. Chris says:

    Good shout with Gardner – he is possibly my all time favourite Wanderer and a really good guy too. However, Megson inexplicably doesn’t seem to rate him and he hasn’t started the last 4 games. His cameo on Sunday remember was a forced change after Riga went off.
    As much as I follow your out of position strategy (I’ve been riding Traore for weeks over at http://premierleaguefantasy.blogspot.com/)I follow the theory of 90 minute men more closely and for that reason, I find it hard to get on the Gardner band wagon until Megson sees the light.

  2. Ibracadabra says:

    Chris -

    Exactly. If Riga’s injury is serious and/or Gardner starts this weekend in the midfield, he could be a great cheap selection.

    It will be hard for Megson to keep him out of the lineup after a goal and an assist, so we must wait and see…

  3. TD Ocho says:

    Indeed, Gardner had a great game. Steinsson also did a good job of getting forward and working the wing.

    I think I’m using my transfer and 0.9 in the bank to upgrade Ireland to Bentley this week. City is shaky to say the least, and I’m predicting at least an assist from Bentley against their weak defense. Plus, if he has another good week, he’ll surely go up in price.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Clean sheets are hard to come by these days so a defender that can offer anything extra is a bonus. When do you think people will start exiting the Laursen bandwagon, he is owned by way too many owners for what he produces right now (but if he gets dropped heavily his new price might make him attractive)

    on Bentley…i’m thinkign about modric instead (because i can afford him without spending 4 points, and he is playing off the striker in classic tim cahill role)

  5. Ibracadabra says:

    on Modric –

    He scored every 3 or 4 games in Croatia, an excellent return from attacking midfield, but I’ve yet to see it in the Premier League (and didn’t see it in Euro over the summer).

    Bentley has proven that he can put up tons of points with Blackburn, and now has some confidence..

    I think both could be good long term value plays. Obviously, Bentley is proven, and will take corner kicks and free kicks (I think) and Modric is more of a question mark in the middle of the pitch…

    PS I doubt Modric will score 4-6 brilliant headers per season like Cahill..

    In other news – I have Van Der Sar and am looking to make a switch. Who do you guys recommend? Should I go cheap and play the fixture list (Boaz Myhill) and then stack up on “Expensive” defenders (Agger, Evra) in the coming weeks OR should I go with Reina, and stick with my “Cheap” defenders strategy…

    looks like a toss-up. Liverpool and Hull have some incredible fixtures coming up…

  6. Silent Jay says:

    Ibra –

    Just take a look at the goalie points. Myhill/Schwarzer/Turnbull at 4.0/4.1 have only 11 or 12 points less than Cech at 6.3! (And only 6 or 7 less than Reina.)

    I just traded down, grabbing Schwarzer for Hart. (I already have 3 Hull players, so Myhill wasn’t an option. But I think you’re better off with two of Turner/Zayatte/Dawson in defense anyway. Getting the goalie as well is probably overdoing it a bit. Let’s not forget that their clean sheets came against Spurs, West Ham and WBA. Their defense is overrated right now, in my opinion. Shipping 7 goals in the last two games doesn’t seem to have put people off – but I’d be very cautious. A mixed bag of matchups coming up. We’ll see where they really stand soon enough…)

  7. TD Ocho says:

    I am surely jumping off the Laursen bandwagon. He served me so well last season and I’ve tried to keep the faith, but it looks like it’s not to be. I would’ve sold him a few weeks ago, but those 2 clean sheets convinced me there were good times to come (apparently not). I’ll probably sell him next week, possibly for Arbeloa. Also planning on dropping that dud Hart in the coming weeks.

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